Broodmare Registration/Foaling Returns

A mare must be registered as a broodmare in the Stud Book so that her foals are eligible for racing or breeding.

Owners are responsible for registering their mare as a broodmare after she is covered for the first time (by completing an initial entry form) and maintaining her registration in the Stud Book until she is retired from breeding or is sold or leased out.  Owners must notify Stud Book of the birth of a foal within 30 days of the birth, and must lodge a mare return every season, even if the mare does not produce a live foal or isn’t covered. The return can be done online (through the Breeders Service Centre). If you need help accessing the Breeders Service Centre, email or call +64 4 576 6240


Mare returns are due by 28 February of each year. The following fees apply:

  • $75.00 – annual entry fee per mare
  • $120.00– DNA laboratory fee for the foal
  • A penalty of $120.00 per season per mare for late lodgement
  • Fees are discounted for returns completed online or by phone and paid with a credit card.

A return will not be accepted unless it is completed correctly and all fees paid.

A return is the first part of foal registration. The second part is branding/microchipping and parentage verification. You must complete both stages before the foal is eligible for registration.