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NZTR Licensing

What is Licensing?

NZTR’s licensing process is used to grant permission or authorisation to individuals in various aspects of the sport. It is a regulatory mechanism employed by NZTR to ensure the integrity, safety, and professionalism New Zealand's thoroughbred industry.

NZTR licences are renewed on an annual basis in May. For those who currently hold a Licence with NZTR, renewals are completed easily and conveniently online.

If you do not currently hold a Licence with NZTR and would like to apply, you will need to do so using the newly developed online application forms listed below. 

NZTR Licensing

A Shift Online

NZTR has commenced a drive toward online licence applications. The reasoning behind this shift is to provide access to convenient online self-servicing, including self-application and self-payment options. Moving towards an online servicing centre also generates better accuracy of data, with faster processing times for our internal Licensing team.

NZTR has developed online application forms for all new licence holders, bringing together several tasks into one streamlined process. 

What support is available from NZTR for licence holders? 

NZTR's Licensing team have been employed as a dedicated resource to support all current licence holders, as well as process new applications where they can guide you through the process.

The team is more than happy to provide updates surrounding key dates and requirements of NZTR's licensing structure, as well as general requirements around current and new licensing policies. Please do not hesitate to contact them below.

Licensing Team Contacts

Matthew Williamson


Ph: +64 27 444 1852

Abby Fawcett


Ph: +64 27 207 4734

Licensing Forms

Renewals Online
Online licence renewals can be completed here.
Change of details
To update any of your details with NZTR or upload a new photo, please complete this online form
Licensing Process
For more information and a breakdown of each of the steps in the licensing process, download the relevant spreadsheet below
2024 Licensing Fees
NZTR has reviewed the current licensing fee structure ahead of next season.


Class A | Jockey Licence Application
Class B | Apprentice Jockey Application New Zealand
Class C | Probationer Application New Zealand
Class D | Jumps Rider's Licence
Class E | Amateur Rider Application
International | Visiting Jockey
Class C | Riders Agent
Transfer of Apprenticeship
Application to Loan Apprentice
Apprentice Jockey's Fund Application
Betting Account Declaration