Acknowledged Retrainers

Acknowledged Retrainers

Acknowledged Retrainers operate separately to NZTR, and they have gained their ‘Acknowledged’ status based on being held in high regard within the industry, as well as for their skill and track record in successfully retraining and rehoming Thoroughbreds. View the list of our Acknowledged Re-trainers further down this page.

Thoroughbred Traceability


It is difficult for New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing to maintain reliable information on the location and ownership of horses that have been retired and re-homed with unlicensed owners, which is why we encourage the rehoming through an Acknowledged Retrainer.


Each horse’s accountable person must still submit a completed SR24 form when consigning a retired horse to an Acknowledged Retrainer.


For any queries regarding the Acknowledged Retrainer network, please contact NZTR's Tracey Oakes. 


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NZTR Acknowledged Retrainer Clinic 2022 - Taupo 


Acknowledge Retrainers FAQs
Following the launch of the NZTR Acknowledged Retrainer network, follow the link to find a list of the most frequently asked questions. These answers have been collated to assist all industry participants in better understanding how the network can be utilised to assist horses transitioning to a second career post-racing.
NZTR’s guidelines to Accountable Persons
Owners and trainers guidelines for the retirement of racehorses via NZTR Acknowledged Retrainers can be found here.
Incoming Horse Information Form
This form is to be completed and sent to the Acknowledged Retainer prior to your horse arriving on their property. An SR24 form must also be completed and submitted to NZTR upon retirement of any horse