Below is a complete list of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing's Registrations, Stud Book and Licensing forms. 

If you require any help completing these forms, please find the contact details on the relevant department pages below

Registrations & Stud Book Forms

Companies & Legal Entities

Application for Legal Entity

Licensing Forms

Online renewals and updating details
To complete an online licence renewal or update any of your details with NZTR including licence photo, please complete this online form

Stablehand/Trackwork Rider

Trackwork Rider (Fast) | Class B | Miscellaneous
Granted to those competent in riding Thoroughbred horses at full pace in training. Must have previously held a Trackwork Licence.
Trackwork Rider (Slow) | Class B | Miscellaneous
Granted to those who have not previously held a trackwork licence and may only ride thoroughbreds at half pace or less.
Trackwork Rider | International Licence
A Visiting Trackwork Riders License is granted to those with an equivalent license, aiding Visiting Trainers in training for a limited time.
Stablehand Licence | Class A | Miscellaneous
Granted to those employed full-time by a Trainer in a racing stable, training establishment, or facility.
Stable Assistant Licence
Granted to those who assist a Trainer part-time basis, or strap horses at race meetings.
International Licence | Stable Assistant
A Visiting Assistant’s License is granted to those with an equivalent license, employed by a Visiting Trainer for training assistance.
Trackwork Rider Attestation
For the purpose of gathering evidence of the individual applicants' competency to control horses in fast trackwork.
NZTR Nominated Training Horse

NZTR mandates the suitability of training horses for track work, requiring endorsement from Trainer and licensed Rider.

Jockey Licences

Rider's Licence | Class A | Jockey
Granted to those who have completed a Jockey Apprenticeship (or an international equivilent), allowing participation in flat races unless otherwise specified.
Rider's Licence | Class B | Apprentice Jockey
Granted to aspiring jockeys progressing through NZTR’s Apprentice Jockey program toward qualification.
Rider's Licence | Class D | Jumps Jockey
Granted to those competent in riding Thoroughbreds in Jumps Races, and highweight races once qualified.
Rider's Licence | Class E | Amateur Jockey
Granted to those competent in riding Thoroughbreds in amateur races.
International | Visiting Jockey
A Visiting Rider’s Licence is granted to those with an equivalent license from another racing authority, for temporary racing

Trainer Licences

Trainers Licence | Class A
A Class A Trainer’s License is granted to those primarily offering Thoroughbred training services as their profession.
Trainer's Licence | Class B
A Class B Trainer’s License is granted to trainers with horses having less than 50 raceday starts per year consistently.
International Licence | Trainer
A Visiting Trainer’s License is granted to those with a foreign trainer license, allowing them to train and race in New Zealand temporarily.
Pre-Trainer Licence
The Pre-Trainer’s License is granted to those preparing Thoroughbred horses for training and racing under another person.
Assistant Trainer Licence
Assists the Trainer with the responsibilities of training horses and managing the racehorse training business
Treatment Logbook
Treatment Logbook template and associated Rules.

Riders Agent Licence

Riders Agent | Class C | Miscellaneous
Issued to those aiding Jockeys or Apprentice Jockeys' employers in organising riding engagements
Riders Agent/Rider Authorisation
An authority for a Riders agent to act on behalf of Jockey/Apprentice Jockey

Accredited Persons Licence

Accredited Persons Licence
Granted to Contractors/Officials who require a pass to carry out duties on a Raceday.

Jockey Miscellaneous & Medical

Rider Support Pack
Helmet/Vest Replacement Subsidy
Transfer of Apprenticeship
Application to Loan Apprentice
Apprentice Jockey's Fund Application
Betting Account Declaration
General Trust Fund Application
M1 | Medical Examination Form
M2 | Brain Injury Clearance Form
M3 | Illness or Injury Clearance Form
M4 | Medical Certificate - Riding When Pregnant
M5 | Consent Form - Riding When Pregnant


Licence Card Application
You can apply for a physical licence card to complement your Digital ID.
Change of details
For any current licence holder wishing to update their photo, email, phone number, and address.
Training Agreement for the Primary ITO
2024 Licensing Fees
Licensing Fee changes effective 1 February 2024
Licensing Process
For more information and a breakdown of each of the steps in the licensing process, download the relevant spreadsheet below
Racecourse Pass IDs
Digital ID & Licence ID Cards allow licence holders and accredited persons access to racecourses and training facilities to perform their obligations.