Any horses entering New Zealand must be registered under our Rules of Racing and integrated into our Stud Book/Racing databases.

An Import Application must be completed for every imported horse. It is the owner’s responsibility to lodge the Import Application. The fee is $250.00 including GST, if lodged within 30 days of the horse’s arrival, or $330 if lodged after 30 days. The shipping agent will not do this for you. 

Use the appropriate import application form:

The following horses must also complete an Import Application, however, there is no fee charged in these circumstances.

  • Foals arriving at foot with their dam
  • A visiting racehorse, where the period of stay is less than 3 months.

Owners/trainers must also ensure that a racehorse entering NZ has a clearance issued from the Stewards/Authority where the horse last raced. 

Broodmare owners must ensure that all documentation required by the overseas Stud Book is completed prior to export so that a clearance can be issued to the NZ Stud Book. 

The overseas registration document, i.e. passport or Foal/Thoroughbred Identification Card, must be returned to the Stud Book if the horse is re-exported, or given to the purchaser if it is sold.