Registering Ownership for Breeding

A foal is recorded as being bred and owned by the person, partnership or entity who is the registered owner of the mare on the day the foal is born. The change of ownership or lease form needs to be completed accurately so that the correct breeder/owner of the foal is recorded in the Stud Book.

The criteria for ownership of breeding stock are set out in the Rules of Racing.

If a mare is purchased or leased for breeding, the SR20 Change of ownership or SR3 Lease for stud purpose forms must be lodged with the Stud Book within 7 days of the transfer. A mare will not appear on your return if you are not the NZTR registered owner.

A late penalty will be charged if your return is not lodged by the due date. If the transfer of ownership has not been completed, you will be unable to lodge the return and will incur the late penalty.

If a previous owner has outstanding mare returns due, a new change of ownership or lease will not be recorded until the outstanding returns are lodged and paid for. Purchasers are urged to check the status of any mare they are considering buying, either on the website or by contacting the Stud Book.